Energy Is What Drives Us to Unlimited Success

There are so many factors that go into success, and so many tips and techniques to master.  But there’s one meta-factor, meaning a factor that has to do with the basic workings of the process itself, a factor that drives the factors.  And that is energy.

Here are ways in which energy is important and how to succeed with great energy.

Energy Breeds Optimism

It’s important to be optimistic to succeed.  Belief in oneself is always key, and setting up ambitious goals is also necessary.  If you feel you are solely in charge of whether or not you succeed.  In fact, an academic study by professors from Arizona St. University and the University of Minnesota demonstrates that belief in free will is a key determiner of success.

If you are planning future tasks and you are generally a bit dragged down and fatigued, it isn’t likely that you’ll have success.

Low-Energy People Don’t Attract

So much of success has to do with attracting both the support and confidence of other people.  What we do, we can’t and don’t do in a vacuum.  We will always need to interact with others in one way or another.  Low energy people generally get either negative or neutral reactions for people—they aren’t the ones who inspire confidence.

Being Energetic

How does a person acquire energy needed for longterm success?  Well, here are a few pointers:

  • Eat foods with real energy- Items like legumes, brown rice, soy meat dishes, and fruits like strawberries and blueberries, as well as veggies like broccoli (foods high in antioxidants) give you lasting, sustainable and sustained energy. Pizza and other bread items give carb spikes, meaning energy right now, but not sustainable energy.
  • Sleep properly- This could mean more sleep, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. It can mean sleeping in a way that is best for you.  More and more people who have the ability to set their own schedules are choosing alternative sleep schedules designed to give them maximum energy.  Sometimes this means sleeping no more than about four hours at once, then working in short, energized blasts in between.  This works for the people who do it because they aren’t staying awake for thirteen to sixteen hours at once, with several of them being drowsy hours.  No one can be expected to maintain high energy all day, and that means a limit on productivity.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box—choose a method that works: for
  • Get energy help- As needed, without getting excessive, you may have success with energy-providing products like caffeine, nootropics, dietary supplements, etc. As with sleep schedules, do some experimenting and find whatever it is that works for you, not for someone else.

If your energy is chronically low, you should see a doctor or holistic practitioner and develop a plan.  In any case, don’t allow your best plans and dreams fall by the wayside due to a lack of ability to carry them out.  Fuel them with solid energy, and watch as your level of success goes through the roof!

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