Why Being Yourself is Important to Achieving Success

Perhaps you have a regular self and a public self.  Perhaps you’ve found some interesting models of how to be when dealing with clients, customers, and colleagues.  Yet, that way of doing things has been less popular and appealing over the last few decades, amid cultural ideals that privilege people being themselves.

Here are some tips on achieving greater success by being yourself.

Clicking With Clients

While we’re discussing success of all kinds, let’s start with a tip for business success.  In business, we have to set ourselves apart from the competition. Fortunately, we all have something no one else has, and that’s ourselves.  If you have a business that deals with clients, as opposed to a retail business, being yourself is the number one way into great relationships with them.

As Jessica Nazarali, founder of It Girl Entrepreneur explains, you have your passions and ideas, ways of doing things.  You need to mesh with your clients on the basis of these things—being someone else won’t achieve this.

Sincerity As Necessity

You’ve probably noticed the good reaction that sincere people get.  It affects all areas of business—and other life areas—from dealing with any employees you may have, to marketing your business, to negotiating, to sales.  Success in any area takes connections with people.  Connections require sincerity.

In terms of marketing, author Judy Murdoch says that marketing shouldn’t include hype but should reflect your values.   It’s all about letting people know what your business is all about, since people are rightly turned off by what appear to be false claims.

Sincerity For Added Trust

Let’s look at non-business situations.  Say you’re looking to succeed in relationships or in some endeavor not related to money or employment.  In many cases, we need the help of others, such as needing moral support when training for a marathon or needing advice from a friend when in a relationship. 

People always give more of themselves to sincere people.  If they think you are sincere and representing yourself as who you really are, they’ll be sincere in return.  They will sympathize with what you’re going through if they say that a) you’re sincere about it and b) that you are sincere about the help you need from them.  If you’re asking for help on how to convince your girlfriend of something, don’t expect the best advice in the world.  But if you are trying to improve yourself and do something that’s truly right in a relationship, those around you will be drawn to that and will really think about what you’re asking, and may come up with some great advice.

Only You Can Stick To It

To succeed, as we’d all agree, you absolutely need to persevere.  Now, say you’re trying to do something that isn’t really “you.”  Say your motives are status or a different lifestyle or money, and you feel you have to put on airs to get there.  How long will this last?  What will happen when you run into trouble?  What will happen even if what you’re trying to do is “you” but you feel you have to be false along the way?  All you’re doing is putting added obstacles in your own way.  Why do this to yourself.

So, you can see why being yourself is key to success of all kinds.  It’s a foundation on which everything else must rest.

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