5 Things to Do to Feel More Positive

Positivity is important to be able to achieve your goals.  It’s important as a way of getting along better with others.  It’s also a synonym of happiness.  We all like positivity, so it’s an end unto itself, right? 

Luckily, there are concrete steps to take to achieve greater positivity.  Here are 5 tips.

1. What Can You Be Thankful For?- Sometimes it can seem like everything is wrong.  You may have had expectations or a sense of how your life should go and all you’re dwelling on is the ways you don’t have what you’d like.

It’s best to bust out of that frame of mind and look at things through a more positive lens.  Make a list of some of your life’s accomplishments.  Then think about some of the things that make you safe, secure, needed by others, etc.   These can be simple things like having a steady job, studying for a degree, being married, etc.  Think about how valuable and important these things really are.

2. Is it Really That Bad?- A lot of times, people who aren’t quite positive enough let things that aren’t completely true bother them.  Say your boyfriend or girlfriend blames you for something or gets into some conflict with you.

It’s one thing to let this bother you.  But, in an interesting essay on positivity, Dr. Travis Bradberry says dwelling on these things too much can be a problem.  If you think that your girlfriend is always blaming you or that she’s always making false accusations and that there’s nothing you can do, you’ll be down in the dumps.  But these things aren’t really true.

If you honestly deal with these things and accept those things that are your fault and realize which things aren’t, thus keeping things in perspective, you’ll be on the springboard to accept positive things that do occur.

3. Collect Good Things- It’s easy to keep a tally of the bad things that happen.  A way to remain positive is to keep track of good things that happen to you.  Maybe in business you catch a lucky break.  Maybe you get a referral to a new client.  Maybe you just let the parking meter expire and didn’t get a ticket.  Write these things down and take them seriously to let them fuel positivity.

4. Be Around Positive People- Remaining positive needn’t be a burden you shoulder alone.  Surround yourself with positivity to let it rub off on you.  Also, as team-building expert Dr. Rick Goodman points out, it’s hard not to get dragged down by negative people.

5. Laughter is the Most Positive Medicine- Laughter fuels positive thoughts by tipping your brain chemistry off that something good is on the way.  Being in a state of mind that tells you that life is amusing lights the way to focus on the positive aspects of the things around you.

So there you are.  It’s important to remember that it’s not about just “being positive” but about taking logical steps toward that goal.

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